ABP Full form

ABP: Ananda Bazaar Patrika News ABP News stands for Ananda Bazaar Patrika News. It is a Hindi news channel in India from ABP News Network Pvt. Ltd. Its head office is located at Noida in India. The channel was formerly known as Star News which was launched in 1998. It was initially operated by Star … Read more


ABG: Arterial Blood Gas ABG stands for Arterial Blood Gas. It refers to a test that is performed to measure the levels of the oxygen and carbon and acidity (pH) in the blood of an artery. This test checks how efficient your lungs are in moving oxygen into the blood and removing carbon dioxide from … Read more


AAI: Airport Authority of India AAI stands for Airport Authority of India. It works under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. It is responsible for creating, maintaining and upgrading the civil aviation infrastructure in India. It performs a number of duties which include managing 125 Airports, air navigation services, managing the Air traffic over Indian airspace … Read more